Aaron Honyumptewa “Soyok-Wuti” wooden Katsina


This wooden katsina “Soyok-Wuti” by Aaron Honyumptewa is completely hand-carved and hand-painted in a contemporary style.

Aaron Lomavanaya Honyumptewa was born in Taso New Mexico in 1981. His mother is from the Picuris Pueblo in Northern New Mexico and his father is Hopi from the Lower Village of Mungapi, in Northern Arizona.

Aaron learned to carve from his father at the age of 10 but now is considered to be a contemporary carver, making entire sculptures completely out of wood. He has gone on to place in several award competitions such as Santa Fe Indian Market, The Heard Museum Indian Market, and the Museum of Northern Arizona Hopi Show. Aaron continues to push his abilities with every new piece he makes.